The Crib

about us

An imagination turned into a reality by owners Raheem Perkins and Jacob Daal. The Crib, located near the beautiful waterfront in Greenpoint, is a recording/production studio designed to give creators the feeling of being at home with your feet up, while creating the most intimate pieces of art in a relaxing creative space.  At The Crib, its a focus of ours to develop strong relationships with our clients.  Its one of our top priorities to "work with" our artists rather than to "work for them".  Safe to say we take things personal.  Click here  for photos of the studio.



Per hour recording

We have a two hour minimum and specials for 10+ hrs, EP's, and albums.

per hour Mixing

The Crib's professional engineers mix with a three hour minimum or a set price depending on how long the songs/production is projected to take.


Song Writing

Negotiated rates depending on the length and depth of the artists' song.


Able to start building from the ground up at a steady rate with a three hour minimum. We also have instrumentals made along with our own drum and sample kits for a set price.